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Works Already Completed in Tarata, Cochabamba, Bolivia

All the works we carry out are thanks to the tireless and selfless work of the foundation's partners and with the donations or participation of the community in the activities of Visión de Ayuda Inc. in the United States.


We thank all the good-hearted people who, with their grain of sand, help our projects come true.


Construction of a playground for children in the Ladera area, delivered in March 2014.


Construction and equipment of the first childcare center in the Ladera area, delivered in March 2017.


Equipment for the daycare and kindergarten in the Villa Miraflores area, Barrio Concordia - Cochabamba, delivered in July 2018.


Construction and equipment of the second childcare center in the Villa Nueva Esperanza area, delivered in March 2019.

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Construction and equipment of the third daycare center in conjunction with a playground in the Villa San José area, delivered in February 2020.


Construction of 18 bathrooms at the Víctor Ustariz residence hall, delivered in September 2021.

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Delivery of workshop equipment for the different technical areas for beauty, carpentry, cooking, pastry, cutting, clothing and electricity at the Víctor Ustariz Residence Hall. Delivered in March 2022.

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Construction of a playground for the Rayito de Luz Kindergarten, inaugurated in April 2023.


Last Project Completed

Today we gather to reflect on the importance of unity and empathy in our society. In challenging times, it is crucial to remember that together we are stronger. Let us build bridges instead of barriers, let us cultivate understanding instead of discord. The future belongs to all of us, and it is our duty to forge a path of mutual respect and collaboration. Thank you for your attention and commitment to a better world!


Dear parents, educators and, above all, the wonderful children who fill us with joy with their presence today, it is an honor to welcome the inauguration of this little school dedicated to the education of special children.


In this space, we not only build classrooms, but also bridges to a future full of opportunities and inclusive learning. Every child here has unique and valuable potential that deserves to be nurtured and celebrated.


This school is more than a building; It is a refuge of love, patience and understanding. Here, we must work together to overcome challenges and foster growth, recognizing that youth is our greatest strength.


I thank all the partners, who are always ready to contribute to make the dreams we set come true and are committed to providing an environment where each child can shine. May this little school be a beacon of hope and possibilities for all our little champions.


Thank you very much and God bless you all.


Work Under Construction

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Construction of Comedor At School Villa Carreño

This campaign is for the construction of the dining room and kitchen for the Eduardo Avaroa school in the community of Villa Carreño in Tarata Bolivia, where children do not have appropriate comfort.

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